Big Carp Lake Rules.


3 rods permitted per angler.

A fishing license is required (We can arrange for you).

NO carp shall be harmed or damaged at this lake.

NO braid is allowed on fishing rods.

NO longshank hooks are allowed.

Micro barb hooks are allowed.

Each swim boundary is marked on the opposite bank.

Markers can be used.

Grass carp must be returned immediately.

All carp over 20Kgs must be checked by the bailiff with a chip scanner.

During warm periods the fish shall be cared for safely, photographed and slipped back within the shortest period of time. (ask for assistance)

All Carp over 20kgs cannot be held with your landing net.

NO fish can retained overnight.

The utmost care must be taken when handling the fish to and from the Lake.

All fish must be placed on an unhooking matt and at

NO time shall they be placed on the ground.

A 42” inch net or larger must be used, any mouth or scale damage should be treated.

DO NOT leave rods unattended.

The rule is a line thickness of no less than 0.35mm coupled with a minimum leader diameter of 0.50mm and a length of 20 meters must be used. (Zebra mussels are abundant)

Safe Leadcore and Mono Leaders are allowed.

Please depart your swim as you found it for the new angler.

DO NOT direct or point any lights across the lake.

Open fires are only allowed with the BBQ fire-pit area.

DO NOT interfere with any anglers.

DO NOT damage the surrounding trees, bushes or cut back reeds in your swim

Please use bin bags for rubbish and keep your swim tidy.

Bait Boats are allowed.

Dogs up to 7 kg are allowed in the houses!!

Boats are provided, life jackets must be worn.

For calls of nature please use toilets provided.

The Rangers have the right to check the safety of your rigs and equipment.

Failure to comply with any of the above conditions will result in you departing the lake.

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Phone Number: +36303529388 Soós Petra English

Lake Taskmanager : Alexander Hanes

Fish guardhouse: +36303146369  Sebők Tibor, Mészáros Tibor

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